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WLH GmbH: We plan, advise, and work hand in hand

The Economic Development Agency of Harburg District (WLH), founded in 1998, is one of the youngest regional economic development firms in Germany. The WLH specializes in complete and modern local economic promotion services in the Harburger Land, which is in the center of the Hamburg Metropolitan economic area in Lower Saxony.

Our main activity is the creation of jobs in the region through: 

* the promotion of innovative technologies, products and services;

* promotion of Start-ups; and

* the promotion of professional qualification. 

The WLH attends to businesses in expeditious and careful start-up or relocation through: 

* Location search and selection

* Financial support research

* Support in official permit processing

* Actual site-development of commercial areas 

The WLH mbH sees itself as a permanent intermediary between the interests of companies and the local communities. 

Incorporators of the WLH mbH: Harburg District 80%, Sparkasse Harburg-Buxtehude 10 %, EWE VERTRIEB GmbH 10% 

Chairman: Mr. Manfred Cohrs, Wenzendorf

Vice-Chairman: Mr. Thomas Grambow, Neu Wulmstorf

Managing director: Mr. Jens Wrede


If you would like further information, please contact us

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